A Simple Yet Powerful Transport Management Solution

Simplifying your Employee Transportation

COMMUTE - An end-to-end solution to manage the complete lifecycle of Transport operations, including Online Scheduling, Automated Routing, eTripsheet, Tracking, MIS & Billing.

The solution is designed to digitize and automate all aspects of transport operations in a typical Employee transport facility.

With COMMUTE, our customers have well implemented and enforced their transport policies on Employee Safety & Security, Travel Request Cut-off times, Approval Workflow or be the Travel time SLAs or OTA commitments.

With our Domain knowledge & experience, we understand Employee Safety and the Transport operational challenges. We also understand that every organization has unique requirements and we ensure we address all specific needs & expectations.


This is why COMMUTE is the best automation solution for your transport operations

COMMUTE makes it easy to manage your operations, that will improve productivity & efficiency of your transport team and provide your Employees with all information required to avail the transport facility at ease. Plus, COMMUTE is tailor made to fit your operations and business requirements.

Some salient features

  • Employee Apps for self-help
  • Cancellations / Leave Management
  • Proximity Alerts
  • Automated Routing
  • Compliance management
  • Vehicle Audit/Checklist
  • Incident Management
  • e-Tripsheet
  • Realtime vehicle tracking
  • Realtime tracking alerts
  • Device health moniroting
  • Secured Calls
  • Foolproof Attendance capture
  • Reports/MIS
  • Statistics and Analytics
  • Detailed and accurate Billing
  • Security guard management
  • Fuel/Toll/Parking fee management

How does COMMUTE work?

Proficio’s implementation process is designed to get our clients up and running quickly using a proven methodology that ensures full automation.
Our process has been refined over the years with successful user adaptation and user rollout with the guidance of our Implementation Specialist.

  • We shall carry out detailed System Study with all stake-holders involved.
  • We shall custom build the application as per the requirements defined.
  • We provide flexible hosting options, as per customer requirements - Public Cloud | Private Cloud | On Prem.
  • Assisting Vendors, Drivers & Employees for Installing the Mobile Apps
  • Training Transport team, Employees, Vendor staff & Drivers on the usage of the software

This is how your operations would look after COMMUTE implementation.

  • Employees would independently manage their Travel Requests
  • Call volume on helpdesk and routine manual efforts drastically reduces
  • Transport Policy and workflows effectively implemented
  • Employees can visibly see Safety & Security practices accomplished
  • Transprot team able to achieve safe, secured, transparent and smooth operations
  • Transparent, flawless automated Billing

Our Employee Transportation Software is trusted by our partners

How is Proficio's COMMUTE better than other softwares available in the market?

Our end-to-end software is built to address specific problems of the industry, bursting with features, mobile-ready themes, best industry practices to help you optimize your transport operations.

  • End-To-End COMMUTE has end to end coverage handling all aspects of Transport Operations. Our solution helps customer digitize and automate every single trip that is executed in the company. COMMUTE handles all kind of transport services ranging from Shift Transport, Adhoc, Medical, Manager, Airport, Shuttle to Team Outing.
  • Customer-Friendly Our motto has been to offer the best of customer experience. We believe in making out solution adapt to the customer's operations, instead of the other way around. Our USP is in providing completely customizable solution to tailor make the application for each customer's needs. Proficio has rich experience working with both Vendor Partners as well as Corporates to understand and collaborate all stake holders.
  • Integratibility Our system can integrate with all legacy systems and in-house systems to integrate COMMUTE with SSO (LDAP, SAML), HRMS, PeopleSoft, SMTP and provide output ready for direct data upload to your Billing system.
  • Affordable Unlike other Transport solutions, we charge no setup fees, transaction fees, or hidden fees and charge purely based on actuals, we also offer both OPEX and CAPEX based commercials. Our software offers the best value in the industry.
  • Secure We understand you are often wary of sharing data outside your network, fearing theft of data. COMMUTE is fully secured with sitewide HTTPS, Pen Test certification by third party agency, PII data encryption, hosted on ISO cerified Cloud environment, to protect your data.
  • Safety Employee Saferty and Security is given utmost prominence. Multiple layers of security measures are bound in COMMUTE to ensure Employees are safe during their commute. Be it Escort Guard allocation, validation, secured attedance capture, ensuring employees board at their designated point, SafeReach confirmation, Panic workflow are some of the features to ensure your Employees are secured.
  • Experienced With over 16+ years in the industry, our experienced team understand the sector, industry problems, pain points of the operations & management concerns. Our team and our solution has matured over one and half decades, and our services and deliverables reflects our expertise. With our rich experience and knowledge, we have answers to all your concerns and we assist our customers with industry best practices.
  • Flexible With our experience, we have realized one-solution-fits-all approach doesn't work in the transport industry. COMMUTE has seen varied industry requirements and has multiple ways of handling each function. With this rich variations that we have built, we can modify the configurable business objects to precisely suit each policy and practice.

About Proficio

  • PROFICIO is a Bangalore-based software development company, incepted in Sep 2003 with it's focus set on GIS application software development and implementation. Our solutions are unfailingly reliable, always relevant, and simple to use.
  • Proficio's products are all conceptualized and developed in line with our vision: to create an innovative and diversified utilization of GIS technology for various sectors.
  • Our range of products focuses on automating & managing the core support functions in an organization: Transportation, Facilities, Administration & Security.

Our Success Stories

An IT Services, Outsourcing & IT Consulting company

One of our first few customers to procure our Transport solution in CAPEX costing model. The client ventured into automating their operations when technology was very new in the industry. Proficio had approached & proposed PRO-TMS solution to manage their Employee transport operations. In 2008, when even we were new to the industry with just couple of implementations, the customer trusted our abilities and offered us the contract. The fact that the client has renewed Maintenance contract for 5th consecutive year now, proves that we`ve lived up to their expectations. The requirement was fairly simple during that time, with rostering & automated routing. With our efforts in providing a good solution appreciated & acknowledged, we together worked with the customer & constantly kept upgrading the solution. We together introduced many tools & best practices to completely automate their operations. We also supported the customer to integrate our application various in-house legacy systems to exchange data. We`ve implemented our software at two of their locations in Mumbai & Pune, with over 8000 Employees being managed in our tool.

A Business process outsourcing services company

The client is one of our oldest & satisfied customers using our Transport automation tool. We`ve been associated with the client & servicing them for 7th consecutive year on OPEX costing model. Acknowledging our expertise & efficiency in understanding & customizing the solution precisely to their needs, the customer extended our scope of services to automate their other F&A operations. Till date we`ve implemented four other automation tools to various other departments, helping them in their bid to completely automate their work style. We are now a preferred Software Application development partner for the client. We`ve implemented our software at two of their locations in Mumbai & Bangalore, with over 2500 Employees being managed in our tool.

A Mortgage and Real Estate Marketplace Solutions company

The client is one of our largest customers, in terms of no.of site implementations. We've implemented our software in nine of their locations spread across Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune & Goa, with over 5000 Employees being managed in our tool. The site has been one of the most challenging sites to implement, purely from the volume point of view. With each Center having their own requirement, it was a daunting task to accommodate changes / requirements from all 9 sites into one single solution. Considering the challenges, varied requirements & volume, we designed a system & proposed a Server architecture that could support the load & volume. We were able to successfully build & deploy a tailor made solution to suit all centers & locations, and the operations are stable & completely dependent on PRO-TMS since early 2011. This was a successfull implementation with complete automation starting from Online Rostering, automated routing, Tracking to Billing. We have been providing upgrades & enhancements to further help the customer improvise their operations & implement best practices.