PRO-TMS Dispatch

Transportation Management System for FMCG & Retail Distribution Companies


PRO-TMS Dispatch is internet/intranet based Route Optimization software, developed to provide an advanced routing & scheduling system for the manufacturers/retailers, to ship the goods with much more control over their vehicle fleet and overall operations.

The solution provides a common platform for customers/outlets to place orders online.

The solution automates the operational process of grouping orders by delivery locations, route planning, optimal vehicle planning, tracking & capturing delivery confirmations.
Consumers shall be able to track the status of their order, along with ETA.


  GIS Based automated routing
  Merge Delivery slots
  Geocode Outlet/Customer locations
  Grade/Designation wise approval configuration
  Online Ordering
  Manage Vehicle Inventory, along with container capacity
  Proximity SMS alerts
  SMS/Android Customer self help
  Mobile based vehicle tracking
  Mobile based tripsheet capture, Delivery confirmation
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