Mailroom Management Software for organizations to manage their inward & outward couriers


PRO-MRMS provides a standardized method of tracking and managing inbound & outbound mails/couriers/packages throughout an enterprise.
It improves efficiency by streamlining the processes of delivering the couriers for employees and digitally storing each transaction.

Organizations receive huge volumes of inbound mail; the process of sorting, capturing and delivering all inbound mails can be time-consuming and expensive.
Many organizations still rely on information from paper documents. The traditional solution of manually filing these paper documents and distributing to staff, that may be dispersed across many locations is still in practice.

RO-MRMS specifically addresses this problem and assists companies maintain digital data of each transaction.


  User friendly data entry interfaces to manage inward & outward Mails.
  Auto Emails upon Mail receipt to the recipient.
  Periodic Reminder Auto Emails for pending Mails.
  Upload incoming Mail details on the Hand held device.
  Electronic Signature capture upon receipt of the Mail by the recipient.
  Reports on the delivery efficiency & pending Mails.
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