Map based Local Business Information for Bangalore City


Proficio's iCiti.in provides Bangalore's residents access to their city through interactive maps using GIS technology.

The site can be a source for comprehensive local business information online, and end users can use it to locate businesses anywhere in Bangalore.

With an intuitive interface and handy functions like zooming and panning, iCiti.in has the potential to become the master index of this city's geography.


  Search for local info by Keyword/Category/Area
  Look for Nearby locations
  Look for Nearest Utilities including Hospital, Police Station etc.
  Get routes, with turn-by-turn / Landmark driving directions
  Manage Vehicle Inventory, along with container capacity
  Get Auto fares
  Get BMTC Bus Routes
  Get BIAS Bus Routes
  My Map - Personalize your map
  My Ride - Maintain & manage your daily trips, add fuel expenses, get mileage/usage/expense statistics
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