Success Stories

Proficio has successfully implemented it's solutions at various organizations, tailor made to their business & operational requirements.

An IT Services, Outsourcing & IT Consulting company

One of our first few customers to procure our Transport solution in CAPEX costing model.
The client ventured into automating their operations when technology was very new in the industry. Proficio had approached & proposed PRO-TMS solution to manage their Employee transport operations. In 2008, when even we were new to the industry with just couple of implementations, the customer trusted our abilities and offered us the contract.
The fact that the client has renewed Maintenance contract for 5th consecutive year now, proves that we`ve lived up to their expectations.
The requirement was fairly simple during that time, with rostering & automated routing. With our efforts in providing a good solution appreciated & acknowledged, we together worked with the customer & constantly kept upgrading the solution. We together introduced many tools & best practices to completely automate their operations.
We also supported the customer to integrate our application various in-house legacy systems to exchange data.
We`ve implemented our software at two of their locations in Mumbai & Pune, with over 8000 Employees being managed in our tool.

A Business process outsourcing services company

The client is one of our oldest & satisfied customers using our Transport automation tool.
We`ve been associated with the client & servicing them for 7th consecutive year on OPEX costing model.
Acknowledging our expertise & efficiency in understanding & customizing the solution precisely to their needs, the customer extended our scope of services to automate their other F&A operations.
Till date we`ve implemented four other automation tools to various other departments, helping them in their bid to completely automate their work style.
We are now a preferred Software Application development partner for the client.
We`ve implemented our software at two of their locations in Mumbai & Bangalore, with over 2500 Employees being managed in our tool.

A Mortgage and Real Estate Marketplace Solutions company

The client is one of our largest customers, in terms of no.of site implementations.
We've implemented our software in nine of their locations spread across Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune & Goa, with over 5000 Employees being managed in our tool.
The site has been one of the most challenging sites to implement, purely from the volume point of view. With each Center having their own requirement, it was a daunting task to accommodate changes / requirements from all 9 sites into one single solution.
Considering the challenges, varied requirements & volume, we designed a system & proposed a Server architecture that could support the load & volume. We were able to successfully build & deploy a tailor made solution to suit all centers & locations, and the operations are stable & completely dependent on PRO-TMS since early 2011.
This was a successfull implementation with complete automation starting from Online Rostering, automated routing, SMS to Billing.
We have been providing upgrades & enhancements to further help the customer improvise their operations & implement best practices.

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